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Tauroslab.com is a project management facility that provides our team-members and clients an environment where technology, development and support comes together.

Tauros Media specializes in everything that is related to Ecommerce, be it webshops, integration, SEO or marketing campaigns.
We offer it all - from ready-made products to custom development, for starting entrepreneurs to large multinationals.
We know how to create a great webshop, we know how to solve complex problems and we know how to make your webshop successful.

We believe a good webshop does not have to be expensive, we offer affordable and unique solutions.

We understand the process/application does not has to be complicated; we will take everything off your hands.

Tauros Media is personal and enjoys sharing its knowledge of Ecommerce domain with you.
We are a young, driven and innovative team which is always aware of the latest techniques and development practices and we never stop learning.

We are not a trend-follower but a trend-setter!
We distinguish ourselves from the competition with offerings like our Omni-channel services and our development and implementation of various extensions and integration between different Ecommerce and CRM systems.

In 12 years’ time, Tauros Media has grown into a company with over 70 employees. Our marketing, design and technical heads operate from our office in Amsterdam. To keep the rates interesting and competitive for you, some of the development work we do takes place at our offices in India and Pakistan.

Because of our extensive specialization and our high-caliber developers, we often act as a purchasing channel for large national and international IT companies.

With the right attitude, hard-work and choosing a professional company with knowledge of business, you too can create a successful website.

Step into the world of Tauros and make an appointment in order to be a step closer to realizing your online dreams.

Our motto is: "If you can dream it, you can do it".

Nothing is too crazy, because we are Tauros!

Visit us at www.taurosmedia.com to know more about us.